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What is Aerial Videography

Aerial Videography is the process of capturing videos or moving images using electronic media.

With our Drones we offer low cost High Quality and Highly Reliable Videography Service.

We find the heights from 30 meters up to 100 meters give you stunning Video's and that special look that is best for showcasing your property.

We are registered with Civil Aviation Authority "CASA" Notification ID: 18564

We have also found that it is more engaging for the buyers and makes it more likely to sell your property.

We can also show off the highlights of the local area and how close they are to your property, example the local golf course, shopping cente, schools, churches all can be shown in the one aerial shot in context to your home.

Being cost effective is also a great key, with our very affordable prices.

Example of 80 Meter High Shoot
Small house plans
Aerial Photography Tips :
  • The Time of Day has a big impact on Aerial Photography, we will give recommendations to help enhance the photos to suit your required shoot.
  • Safety comes 1st when taking Aerial Photo's, we always insure that no Persons and Property are in danger before we begin the shoot.
  • Altitude is also a big factor, we are experts at getting it right.
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